Now what is she making???

Yes, that is me, I am guessing I was about 3 ish… I found this photo in with some others which my mom had set aside for me. There are more of these iconic images of me whipping up culinary delights. I promise to share. I have no idea what I was making. Probably just playing with whatever my mom would allow me to get into. Looks like I was about to dive into the flour container. Nice hair cut…

Every now and then I do just start making something without a recipe. Just like mini-me. The other day I found myself with too many ripe bananas. Even after making banana bread – I still had too many ripe bananas. I decided to cut them up and freeze them. After a week or two I ran out of my favorite ice cream and realized that I could probably do something yummy with the bananas. So I took out my food processor and processed them into a creamy consistency. It was good.

But it needed something… So I rummaged around in the refrigerator for something to add. I came across some So Coconut Creamer. I added a little, then I added a little more. It was better. I realized that bananas probably need a little lemon juice and so I added just a few drops. Now it was really good.

And yet, I still thought it could be better. So back to the fridge, where I found my giant gallon container of maple syrup which I love to use in many recipes instead of sugar. I added a bit of maple syrup and Voila! There it was. Perfection. I put it back in the freezer in a glass container with a lid. I also put some in a bowl and sprinkled it with chopped up walnuts and some chocolate syrup. It was like banana ice cream soft serve.

I hope you try it out. Here is the best part – no dairy, no sugar, and I guess it would also qualify as vegan and a raw food item. I was thinking that I could have also used some of the organic frozen mango chunks or any of the frozen fruit which I get at Costco. Anytime you have too much fruit around and you don’t think you will get around to using it before it is too late, just spread it out on a flat tray and put it in the freezer. Then a few hours later move it to a freezer bag. The next day you can make it into some kind of crazy frozen fruit dessert just like I did with the bananas. Have fun!

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